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Update by user Jan 10, 2012

I recently bought that second safe. So not only is it bad enough that the safes use the same key, but they been using that same key for years!

Original review posted by user Jan 10, 2012

SENTRY SAFES (1100 Fire-safe)

I bought a safe 4-5 years ago. My son broke into it.

I went and bought a new safe and it uses the same key. How secure is that?! What a joke! Hopefully, nobody has more than one safe of this kind in their home, and hopefully, if you do, nobody knows they can just go buy the same safe to get a key to your safe.

The Sentry company needs to sell these safes in toy stores.

These safes are not for adults who are seriously trying to protect their belongings. These safes are NOT safe.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Omg & many years later they're STILL using same keys... just had mine broken into by a lowlife that just went & bought a safe! Lol yes they r a joke, glad I know now!


I am taking them to court I got taking from everything with someone that had the same safe with a different key that not right ppl do have to go throw that with the same car


Duh, a 'fire safe' is both a 'safe' and a way to protect things against high heat (although in a fully engulfed building most fire safes will not survive). They should NOT NOT NOT use the same key for years on end.

I just found that I have 5 keys for my home safe.

I know that only two of them came with the safe, so the others came from some other devices with similar locks. It's worse than askme36 thought.


I bought a 3 combination key safe and have been wanting to change the combination. Nott - you have to get a notary to swear you are who you say you are - hogwash.

If you buy a safe it should be yours to do what you want to do. I am just so annoyed.


Funny, cuz the word 'safe' made me 'assume' it was like other safe's with a key....to protect it from other people too. Otherwise, why not just make it a fireproof box? :roll


You bought a Fire-Safe. These are the cheap safes that prevent vital documents from being destroyed in a fire.

What you need is an actual safe, not a fire safe. Do more research before just assuming things.

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