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I have had the misfortune of owning 2 Sentry safes, both purchased from Costco (thank goodness). After the first safe was beyond the 1 year warranty, it stuck shut.

I called Sentry, did everything they said and could not open it. They did send me replacement parts, to no avail. Fortunately, I accidentally mentioned this to Costco, they not only replaced the safe but also paid for a locksmith to come out and open it. They wound up having to hammer it out, breaking the lock.

Got a new safe from Costco, after 3 years, this safe is now stuck open. I have called Sentry Safe numerous times, while they have tried to help, nothing worked. I now have a locksmith out attempting to fix it to no avail. Who ever expects a safe to totally fail this early in its life?

By the way, this was a top of the line safe. Never, ever, ever will I own another Sentry product.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #962468

Bought a Sentry safe for the business I work for at SAMs Club. It is a floor model and we keep all the cash drawer from the store in it.

Today we went to close the safe so we turned the handle as always to lock it and the handle broke. This safe is only two years old so now what to do.

We cannot even get our money and cash drawers out for the store to operate. Piece on *** safes they are!

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