I would like to address the CFO of the Sentry safe co. But I don't know that persons name...so I am going to try this way.

I will try not to rant and rave but when it's personal it's hard not to: In a nut shell 4 years ago my son got married..in ayear he moved into a questionable neighborehood..2 years ago this month I felt that my sons important papers would be safer in a safe.So we bought my son a Sentry Safe (and I have all the numbers you could want for proof)...we bought the key pad kind which was more expensive than the dial kind(mainly because I have a problem to the dial on mine..I didn't want my son to have a problem with his) anyways not entering the safe more than once a years causes problems with the handle and it won't open the safe...I was on the phone with the company for a total of about 2 hours with them trying to talk me through the problem I went to the store 2 times to get batteries...and both times it wasn't the batteries...then end result was well if your son never opened it up for a very long time the handle must have seized and I am going to have to bring it to a locksmith and have them drill ahole to open it up...I'm guessing the safe will be no good after that....and how safe are the items inside already with trying to open it by drilling a hole? I was informed it was not under warrenty because it is 2 years old..but shouldn't the warrenty state that if you do not open this safe but once a year your warrenty will not cover the handle seizes up and you will have to pay a locksmith to drill a hole and ruin your safe never to be used again...All I'm saying is my intention was to help my son because he was newly married to keep his important papers and items safe...I feel I have been let down by this company and I am very unhappy with this...I guess I just need a response...I need to know if somebody there cares...Respectfuly

Joanne K. Sullivan 719 Old Conn. Path Fram.

Ma. 01701

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I have had a sentry fire safe for just about a year now. Just these last few weeks it had been giving me trouble with opening up even with the right passcode.

While it was completely closed I put a little pressure on the handle and it came right open. Now with or without the passcode the safe opens.

I regret spending over 200 dollars on something that can be opened with dumb brute force. Any monkey could break into these safes.


Dont ever buy a sentry. Mine is giving me problems.

Took it apart and appears to be the solenoid and a small plastic plunger. Doing some research this appears to be a VERY common problem

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