Read this ! I bought a SentrySafe which was closed when I unpacked the safe. No way to open it, also after several contacts with their customer service. After a few weeks, they ask me if I want to write a review which I did and which was of course not positive. Now they CENSORED the review and they refuse to publish it. It was written in a very polite, business oriented way, though this company clearly does not want to hear negative feedback. Or you sure you have the right social media strategy, SentrySafe ? I bought a product which is not functioning, you do not react and I will not shut up. Watch social media... You can also contact me of course in order to get it solved. You have my contact data.

Their answer :

Tom Tom,

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

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Wait Sentry replied back you didn't follow there web guidelines when writing a review? I just purchased a Sentry safe on clearance from Home Depot but after reading this and other reviews im thinking of canceling it.


Concerned Consumer

West Point, Georgia, United States #881639

So how did you open your safe? I have one of their safes and this morning as I was closing it the handle fell off in my hand.

Now the safe is closed and no handle. I'm not sure how this will turn out.

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