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Was given a SentrySafe lock box as a gift. I tried to move it from one place to another,and the lid came off.

The lid is held only by 2 rubberized buttons which fit into an approximately 3/8 cavity in the body of the box. This past week, my wife and I were in Staples looking for a new safe to replace this one, and my wife said "Come over here and look at this".

I looked, and they had the exact lock box on display, and the entire lid was broken off. Some of their safes don't look too bad, but I would stay away from their lock boxes.

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Rochester, New York, United States #730444

Sentry tries to get as many safes produced in a day as possible regardless of quality! Production workers are pushed beyond reasonable limits to produce any kind of quality.standards!

Management does not or cares not to understand the damage to the reputation of a company that HAS grown from quality standards that no longer exist! Their only goal is quantity and still never satisfied if you destroy your body to try to get there. Sentry used to be a quality caring family that no longer exists in the way it was by far.

This to me is sad! _former employee of more than 20 years.

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